Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Convert your 1 GB Pen drive or Memory Card permanently into 2 GB

Convert your 1 GB Pen drive or Memory Card permanently into 2 GB

Hello, friends. With Salaam and a lot of love, I am starting my new PC Tips for you. How are you? I think you are definitely well by the grace of Allah. I am also well by his grace. Today I will teach you a new and important PC Tips. With this tips you can make your pen drive or memory card’s memory double. That means you can convert your 1 GB pen drive or memory card into 2 GB.

Let’s follow the processes below to make this change:

  1. Take a 1 GB pen drive or memory card.
  2. Backup your files into your PC if they are useful.
  3. Now, download the software and unzip it. Then “double click” on it. Give the password “Tikly”.
  4. Connect your pen drive or memory card.
  5. Select drive and press the button “fix”.
  6. Then the processing will start.
  7. If need or the process wants, please format it.
  8. Then click on “Yes”.
  9. If the command is to disconnect your device then disconnect it and again connect it.
  10. Now, 1 GB will show 2 GB.
  11. You can format your device.
  12. Now, transfer data to your device like before but with a huge memory.

If your want to do this work, you will need a software. Please download this software from here. If you enjoyed my PC tips please don’t forget to leave your comments. Thanks for being with us