Friday, March 16, 2012

Forgot your Password!!!.....No Need to Regain Password by Email

Forgot your Password!!!.....No Need to Regain Password by Email

Hi, everyone, hope all is well. Today, I am really happy because our National cricket team, our heroic sons won a beautiful match against India. With this happiness, I am sharing a little but very useful PC tips. Many of you may know it, but my tune is for them who don’t know.

Many of you may have the disease of forgetting password like me. We are registering everyday in many websites to get anything at free cost…… I right?

View Saved Passwords

But, it is reality that many times we forget our passwords and we have to regain it by using the “Forgotyour password” option from the victim site. It is really a boring and idle work. Now, let’s move on my PC tips.

If you are using “MozillaFirefox” web browser, you will get your lost password within a short time and in an easiest way. But keep in mind, you have to use “Rememberpassword/Remember me” option every time in every website at the time of using Mozilla Firefox.

1)      Please, look at the picture, Go from your Firefox browser Firefox → Options → Security. From here, you may watch an option named “Saved Passwords”. Click on it.
2)      Now, click on “Show Passwords”. Then click “Yes”

Are you happy now? What you are watching? Your lost password is regained. This is 100% working PC tips. I am also a sufferer of this problem. For this, I talked here about this PC tips. Thanks for being with the “Universe of PC Tips & Tricks”. If you like my post, please don’t forget to leave your comment. 

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