Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shut Down Your Computer within 2 Seconds

Shut Down Your Computer within 2 Seconds

At first all of my visitors, take my Salam & heartiest love. Hope, all of you are well by the grace of almighty. Our computer needs much time to shut on and shut down. But from today,  we will shut down our computer within 2 seconds.

Shut Down PC within 2 Seconds

For this, here I am sharing a little computer tip. Please follow my instructions carefully.

But to do so, at first you have to close all the programs and folders running on your computer. Then,

1)      At first press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” from your keyboard. The Task manager will open.
2)      Click on “Shut Down”.
3)      Press the “Ctrl” key from your keyboard and click on “Turn of”.

Now, the process is finished. Enjoy your Computer shut down within 2 seconds. If you enjoyed my computer tips, please don’t forget to give your feedback.

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