Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to speed up your LAN in Windows?

How to speed up your LAN in Windows?
(Speed Up Your LAN)

Hi, everyone! How are you? Hope all is well by the grace of Almighty. I hope all of you are enjoying all the PC Tips & Tricks provided by us. Today, I am describing a little pc tips to speed up your LAN.

1)      At first open your “Control Manager”.
2)      Click on “Device Manager”.
3)      Now, click on “Continue”.
4)      Go to “Network Adaptor” from Device Manager and double click on it.
5)      There will open a new window and click on the tab named “Advance”.
6)      Now Identify “Speed and Douplexe” and select value 100 MBPS from the right corner.
7)      Finally click on “OK”.

Now, your LAN speed has increased. This is very small pc tips. If you like my post, please don’t forget to leave your feedback. Thanks for being with the “Universeof PC Tips & Tricks”. Thanks to all. 


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