Monday, April 2, 2012

Make your Pen drive Password Protected

Hello, everyone? How are you? Hope all is all and I am starting my today’s PC tips with a good wish to all. Mostly we all, store different types of information and data in pen drive or other removable devices. This information may be our personal and very useful. If your personal data goes to anyone, what you will do? So, the best way is to make your pen drive or other removable devices. If you lock your pen drive with password then nobody can open it without your permission and can’t see what is stored inside of it.

You can make your pen drive password protected with a little software. The name of this software is “Portable USB Safeguard”. It is 92 KB size software. It is also a freeware.

“Portable USB Safeguard”
Portable USB Safeguard

How to use this PC tips: Please copy the downloaded file into your pen drive or removable device. “Double Click” on the file and give a password. Now, the work is finished.

If next time, any one try to open your pen drive there will only show the name of the software. To unlock, double click on it and give the password.

You can lock and drive of your PC with this 92 KB useful software. But, you have to remember your password. Otherwise, you have to lose all your data and information stored in the drives.

So, why we are getting late? Please download it from here.

Thanks to all for being with us. See you next time with a new topic. Don’t leave us and don’t forget to leave your valuable comments.

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