Saturday, May 26, 2012

5 quick tips to make a computer more faster

1.                  Keeping a clean computer means a faster computer. Therefore you should always organizeyour computer files in a way that makes them easy to find and also easy to backup.
Make your computer faster
Make your computer faster
2.                  When you boot into your computer it is not only the Windows operating system that is starting, as most people have many other programs starting at the same time. To speed up this process you need to disablestartup programs.
3.                  A great way to speed up your computer is not to overwork it in the first place. For example most people have five or six programs open at the same time and they really aren’t using all of them. Close down programs you are not using.
4.                  Keep up with your computer maintenance as it is will speed up your computer just by doing this.
5.                  Another good way to speed up your computer is to disable automatic updates on certain programs. Did you know that programs are checking the Internet every time you start your computer to see if they need to be updated or not?I am not talking about disabling Windows automatic updates as it is really all the other little programs that are doing the damage. If you have a notification icon in the notification area you can usually right click on it to get to the settings and disable the updates that way.
6.                  And one extra. Try and disable indexing to speed up the computer.


  1. We can make our computers more faster by installing some maintenance software like CCleaner, Superantispyware, a good antivirus and of course a defragmenter.
    I know how to take care of my device from someone who works at IT services Toronto... he always gives me great advice, when he has a little spare time.

    1. Yes, Yes I know. But I have described here the manual way to speed up your PC.