Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Learn the Easiest PC Tips & Tricks to Search on Google

Learn the Easiest PC Tips & Tricks to Search on Google

Hello, everybody. After a short time, here I have come to give you a new PC tips about internet browsing. I always try my best to inform anything new that I learn from internet or anywhere else. I am student and for this I have to search many things on Google like documents, PDF files, music or videos. But, I can not find the best result or the best link that I am searching. After some days ago, by researching the web and from one of my brother, I have learned some new things to search on Google. It is really a great PC tips. Here, I tried my best to inform you these PC tips and tricks.

Tricks to search on Google

1)      Suppose, you want to find out “how to disable timeline application”. For this, you can write on Google search box like “disable+timeline+application”. If you search like this, you will get the best result of “How” related things.
2)      Sometimes we want to search things (music or video) from only one site. Suppose you want to download “Beat it” song from mediafire. Then you can search like this “beat it+site: mediafire.com”. By doing this, you can find anything on mediafire.
3)      If you are searching for only download link of any documents or music or software you can search like this. Suppose, you need Adobe Photoshop download link. Then please type “adobe photoshop+inurl:download”. You will definitely get that.
4)      At last, very important PC tips. Sometime we may need a certain file format. Example: pdf,eps,jpeg,exe. Then search like this. Suppose, you need C++ programming PDF book. If it, you have to write on the search box “c++:pdf”.
Now see the magic. You can try any type file format by doing this.
Many of you may know this PC tips and tricks. But, my post is for them, who don’t know these PC tips. These will be very helpful for you. Finally, thanks to all.

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