Wednesday, March 14, 2012

T.T.T (Trips & Tricks for Technology) – Taking too long time to load web page

T.T.T (Trips & Tricks for Technology) – Taking too long time to load web page

Today, I am publishing my 7th number post for you. Please read it taking some time, it will be very helpful for you. In every time, we notice that all the web pages needs much time to respond or fully load. In our country, internet speed is very low, and it is a big problem for us. If you want to load your page within a short time, you can follow my PC tips about this matter. This PC tips will save your valuable time from wasting.

At first go to “Internet Explorer”. Select “Internet Options” from “Tools” menu. Turn off “Play Animation, Play Sounds, and Play Videos” options from “multimedia option” under the tab named “Advanced”.
Now, see your webpage is loading within a short time and faster than before.

At the time of web browsing, windows saves all the page information on its “Temporary Internet Files” folder. It has an effective result. With this, you can visit any webpage without losing any time but it will take too long time to respond. If you don’t delete these temporary files, your internet speed will become slower gradually.
Please do this thing to delete your temporary files:
Tools=>Internet Options=> Advanced =>Settings=>Security=>Empty temporary Internet Files Folder when browser is closed.
And then press “Ok”. Then, the temp folder will be free at time of closing internet explorer. Older explorer users can delete these files by deleting “*.tmp” files from “Temporary Internet Files” folder.

Stop the auto playing system of Youtube:

At the time of youtube browsing, its videos streaming system use a huge number of bandwidth limit. For this reason, browsing speed goes under a slower speed at the time of video streaming. For this, Google Chrome has a video extension to stop video streaming at the time of browsing. If you install it, your videos will not be streamed any more. And. You can enjoy a faster web surfing by doing this. 

Good bye for today. Be safe everybody. Thanks a lot for staying with the Universe of PC Tips & Tricks. If you find any problem, please feel free to inform me. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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